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1997 Feb 16

Women's Cricket Stats & Records

Provided by ICC Statistician Marion Collin

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All-Time Stats


Test Match and T20 Player Info

ICC Championship

Who's taken the most wickets or catches - made the most runs - it's all here!

ICC Championship 2017-2018 Series (Updated 25.11.19)

All-Time Championship Stats (Updated 18.03.19)

ODI World Cup Stats (1973 - 2022)

World T20 Stats (2009, 2010, 2012, 2014 & 2016)

Head to Head Stats : England v Australia

Head to Head Stats : England v India

Head to Head Stats : India v Australia

Head to Head Stats : New Zealand v England

Head to Head Stats : New Zealand v Australia

Full Scorecards for T20 Qualifiers for... Europe  :  America  :  Africa

Series Captains + Keepers in ODIs since 1984  (pdf)

All-Time ODI Match List

All-Time Test Match List

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