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The First Women's
Cricket Site.

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cricket for 17 years




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Women's Cricket on the Web

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The First Women's
Cricket Site.

On the 'Net since
Supporting women's
cricket for 17 years





... and General Information

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Menu Details

All pages carry the menu you can see at your left with the exception of a few player profiles written many years ago and which will gradually be amended. To your right you will see the words "The Ramble". This will appear on many pages but not all and take you to the latest year of my 'blog'. On some pages the second batch of menu items - a list of years - will take you to the first page of my 'blog' for that year, or in the case of the current year, possibly to a later (latest) page.
If you experience any problems with this menu please let me know : mail me
However, all menus have been written using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and should be compatible in all browsers although its appearance many vary slightly. It should also work on most portable devices but this site is not written specifically with portable devices in mind!

Page Format

This site has been on the 'Net since 1997. In that time the Web has changed dramatically and while my ability to maintain this site has improved, it has not kept pace! I have always felt, and expect to continue feeling, that the carriage of information, especially photographs, should take priority over appearance. That is not to say things haven't improved and I hope will continue to do so. Gradually I would like the whole site to have a unified look but new information and pictures will always take priority over the slow process of implementing this.

Home Page

The items towards the top of the Home Page will change the most frequently. Where there are links to external sites, as there frequently are, they are not normally included in the "Revisions" list. The latest amendments are shown in larger type and in bold type. As new items are added the older ones are reduced in size and changed to 'normal' type, and eventually deleted. A rainbow line is used to separate tournaments or subjects, although frequently one section could only be described as 'miscellaneous'.
I do my best to change the 'Picture of the Week' every week and ensure any particular shot does not appear more than once, although I have allowed a few favourites to reappear after a long interval. Ill health has occasionally delayed updates.
"Latest News & Additions" does exactly what it says. Older revisions can be found here and as indicated on the link below the list.
The column at right contains links to external sites with news on the women's game. They are almost all to newspaper and similar sites and often worth visiting if only for some video interviews or fine individual photographs. They often give a flavour of the home country's coverage of a tournament, and a different perspective on the sport and customs of a country other than your own!

How links appear

This site is currently being amended. The latest pages will have a black background and the colour that indicates that particular text is a link will gradually be unified over the site. I intend keeping the international squad pages colours though as they reflect those of the country in question.

Newer Pages (black backgound)

Links you haven't yet visited will be shown in yellow. In most (although not all) browsers they will also acquire an underline as you hover over them.
Links you have previously visited in pale green but their colour will change to yellow as you hover over them. In most (although not all) browsers they will also acquire an underline.
In some browsers the colour of the background around linked text may also change change colour.
Some browsers also underline 'bookmarks'. These are a device to allow a menu at the top of the page - in this instance the one that starts "Menu Details" - to a place further down the same page, rather than to another separate page or site. If an underline appears on such a page you are already at the point you wished to be so the link is really meaningless!  Hover over "Match Photography" just below to see if your browser does this. If I can find a way to avoid this I will, and any help is gratefully received.
These discrepancies between browsers are very annoying for those trying to make web sites as accessible as possible and complex coding (beyond the time or the patience of this web-master) can cure many of them, but I am left with the feeling it should be unnecessary work!

Older Pages (various background colours)

For older pages the one consistent feature will be that links will show an underline in most browsers. In the tradition of print design, my more recent career, underlines are never used. An underline by a professional designer is a sure clue they left college in the last decade, or never studied design at all! The underline has come into its own on the web and on this site NOTHING is underlined except links. Following the initial web convention, links usually are, either as a default on the older pages, or as you hover over them on the new.

Match Photography

I try as far as possible to comply with the ECB Photography Guidelines when taking photographs at matches and using them on this site. If the match is played in a competition organised by the ECB (e.g. Super 4s, EWDP etc) I adopt the principle that, unless informed differently permission for photography has been granted.  Photographs used on this site may be annotated with the player's name if that player  has obtained majority i.e. is at least 18 years of age. Photographs of younger players may be used but the player will not be named until she reaches the age of majority. Similarly, I may use the name of a player under 18 in a report in which case a picture will not be used in the same context without the permission of a parent or guardian. You will find the occasional exception to this 'age' rule. Where I have the express permission of parent or guardian the player may be named.
However, any player, or parent or guardian of a player under 18 years of age, may request at any time that any picture of themselves or their child is removed and I will immediately comply! If you notice a photograph of a named player who is currently under 18 years of age I will have obtained specific permission from that player's parents to do so. If you are aware of any errors in this or any other respect please notify me.
If you see me at a match and wish me not to photograph yourself or your child please approach me and let me know! I will always do my utmost to comply with your wishes. So that you'll recognise me... and the view may depend on which side of the boundary rope you find yourself...
As you will see from the many hundreds of pictures on this site, I do not take any pictures that may embarrass!

The Photo Gallery

The photo gallery is the heart of the site and in recent times the pictures from the matches covered are in the format of a slide show in which you can halt and move forward or back using the arrows that are shown below or on the larger format of the picture when the slide show is running. Earlier matches vary in format as I experimented to discover which presentation I preferred - and they may well vary again in the future!!

Can I buy a picture?

It is quite likely you can have one free : check this page for details

The Stats

Thanks to Marion Collin this site carries a large database of stats on the sport. As Marion is the ICC's statistician you can be sure the numbers are as authoritative as it is possible to be!!! A complete list of how these stats are arranged is shown on the Stats Home Page (see "Stats & Records" on the menu at upper left) and can be found here. They are VERY frequently updated as new matches are played, and stats packages for a particular tournament as well as all-time stats are often available.
The layout of these stats is produced by a piece of software known as CricketStatz. It uses 'frames' to essentially have three windows on the screen and one window is updated as you make your choice of what player, record etc which wish to view. Some Internet browsers have a problem with this - not in the initial display but they store a copy of these windows in a cache on your machine. When you visit again they frequently pull the info from this cache onto your screen instead of the latest version from the web site. If they do this for any single frame page, which is how the rest of the site is set up, then hitting the "f5" key will ensure your browser checks the latest version. However, some browsers seem to check only one of the three frames CricketStatz produces. This means you may be thinking "Well I can't see any updates!"  Try hitting "f5" but if this does not help you will have to clear your browser's cache! This is not a fault of CricketStatz but of the browser software ignoring 'frames'. You can clear this cache usually from a "tools" or perhaps "settings" drop-down menu.
To give one example - in Google's Chrome click the three bars you can see at the top right of your screen, then choose "Tools" and then "Clear Browsing Data". The resulting screen will enable you to clear the cache and indeed previous browsing history or cookies if you should wish to.
You could also run a free piece of software called CCleaner. Be careful when you download it that you chose the right button and not either the payment required button or some other piece of software entirely (e.g. a free virus check of your computer which may interfere with your existing checker).  I sometimes think these sites are deliberately laid out just to try and fool you. It is a most useful piece of software allowing you to clear your 'cookies' as well, something everyone should do with great regularity to disrupt as far as possible the manufacturer of your browser (maybe Microsoft or Google) collecting a great deal of data on how you use the 'Net and selling it far and wide. If in any doubt what to chose from its menu, the default settings should be fine.
One alternate with some browsers is to right-click the right hand frame - the one that's not been updated. An option may appear to "reload" this frame. Choose that.

The 'Links' page

These links are, of course, all to external sites so I cannot, as with all external links, guarantee either that the site will be available or that it's content will be 'acceptable' to you.
If you have a site not listed which contains women's cricket content then please let me know and I'll include it on this page.

The Ramble (or 'blog')

With the huge number of 'blogs' available on the 'Net these days it seemed only appropriate that I should have one too.
There are a number of comments I should make about this. Firstly I am resident in the UK, and while I have travelled to the World Cups in 2005 and 2009, the Caribbean in 2013, New Zealand in 2015 and South Africa in 2016, the cricket I watch, apart from those five tournaments, has been exclusively in the UK.  This naturally colours my 'Ramble'.
I hope that you will find it interesting to read, and if you should take offence at anything I've said no doubt you will realise that any comments I have made are out of a genuine desire to see this sport prosper. We may disagree on how to get there but I hope we are aiming for the same place! If you feel I'm wrong - don't take offence - tell me!


The 'Ramble' menu in the right hand column here, and on the left on some pages below the site menu buttons, takes you to the Ramble of that year, in the current year to the most recent page or the first page and in previous years to the first page of that year.
Each page should have a 'Previous page' and 'Next page' link at the top and foot respectively.


I have maintained for a number of years a complete list of the major revisions and amendments to this site. It can be found here. Many of these links become out of date over long periods of time. Finding and dealing with them can be a tedious business so I hope you'll forgive me if you find '404' errors (page can't be found) if you try one. There are more important updates for me to be worrying about as a rule! However this listing may be useful if you recall something you found earlier and wish to return to. The links shown in the "Around the 'Net" are not included as they are frequently to newspaper sites which often remove articles quite quickly. Only items shown initially on the home page in the "Latest News & Additions" are included.

Visitor Numbers - What's a 'Unique' Visitor?

I am regularly kidded about the counter on the home page. "I'll bet you look at your site dozens of times a day" to push the count up. If I did it would make no difference. The counter only clicks over once in each 24 hour period for each visitor so the best I could do is one click per day! Try it... That's why I have described them as "unique". During the first few years a different counter was used and that value not carried over so the number shown is an underestimate of the number since this site was launched on 16th February 1997.

Reading pdf files

Many of you will have your web browser set to read pdf files directly. If you wish to download them and read them in a separate piece of software, which can make saving them for future reference or printing them easier, then you will need the free Adobe Reader which can be found here. I recommend you look carefully at the 'options' that are revealed on the screen you now arrive at. If you are already running anti-virus software (and you should be!) you should be aware that you are now offered a free McAfee Scan. I uncheck this box as I am satisfied with my anti-virus and firewall set-up. The choice is yours but the checking is a default setting so do remember to uncheck if that's your preference. It is so easy to click the download button without looking carefully at all you are being offered.

News Articles

As you will have seen there are links to newspapers and other web sites carrying news items in a column at the right hand side of the home page. I do my best to bring you the views and news from around the 'Net. However there are several reasons why a particular article may not be linked.
  • I haven't spotted the article!
  • The site produces so many pop-ups that are not blocked by my pop-up blocker that it's far too tedious (in my opinion) to bother with.
  • The page contains so many adverts you have to work hard to find where the article actually is. Adverts are, in my opinion, becoming the curse of the Internet which is why this site contains just two (at May 2015) and they are simply text or banner links.
  • There is a video which says something like "this is not available in your region".  Unless the article is especially relevant this makes it a "no-no" for me. The Internet is supposed to be worldwide. If you content isn't worth showing worldwide then don't bother using it.
  • The article is a re-hash of old news. I have no problem with this and will use it if it is either (a) well written or (b) provides a different 'slant' on the same news item.

Help Me

  • Should you spot any errors on this site I would appreciate knowing so I can correct them.
  • Is there anything else you would like to see added to this page, or indeed the site?
  • Have a different opinion from any comments in my Ramble?
  • Send me a picture, or news story,  you'd like me to include.
  • Let me know the names of players where pictures are not annotated. There is one restriction I implement in order to follow the guidelines laid down by the ECB. I do not normally name players who are less than 18 years of age. When players reach the legal age of majority, however I can, and do where I have the information, link the player's name to a photograph. This may include pictures of them playing when under 18 years of age. Should you wish any photograph of yourself or your child removed then I will certainly do so. You will find the occasional exception to this 'age' rule. Where I have the express permission of parent or guardian the player may be named.

Just get in touch - my email is...


Don't forget - if you think any page is an old version ... try pressing your "F5" key

It will work on any page except possibly on the stats pages.