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1997 Feb 16


ALL proceeds from the sale of these pictures go back into supporting women's cricket!

All Pictures on this site are Don Miles unless stated otherwise.

They are not free for commercial publication!

However, all pictures on this site will be provided FREE
on request to the player depicted for their private use!

Are you ...
A Player
Commercial Customer
Non-Commercial Customer
Charitable Organisation, Cricket Club and/or Association
How do I tell you which picture I want?
Why do a get a poor print when I copy it from your site?


Is it you in the picture? Did you play in that match? Are you the player's parent?
Electronic file for you to print yourself : FREE : This will be a high resolution version without the 'watermark'.
This is conditional on the individual having respected the "conditions of use" in the past.
The cost for prints is as shown below. Normally this is...
A4 (approx) print on high quality matt or gloss paper 5 which includes post and packing.
A4 (approx) print as above but gloss laminated to protect the face and improve the life of the print (protects from fading colours) 7
All printed pictures are from a high resolution electronic file (not the low resolution you will have seen on the screen). They are fitted as neatly as possible to an A4 sheet,
The gloss laminate is a film which is welded to the face of the print and is invisible to the eye. It should not be confused with encapsulating which many print shops etc. describe wrongly as laminating and which is a pocket surrounding the paper and sealed outside the edges of the print. Laminating extends exactly to the edge of the print and is undetectable without careful inspection. It protects to a considerable (but not total!) degree against the fading of the colours and allows the print to be placed in a frame designed for A4 size paper.
 Just let me know which picture you require! See "Which picture do I want? "
But please see the copyright note! This picture is supplied on the understanding it is for personal use only and not for commercial publication. The only exception I make to the "always" rule is that if I discover the use of a picture that has been supplied on this understanding in a commercial publication, then future pictures may not be supplied.

Commercial Customers

Please get in touch. I can supply individual photographs in electronic form either direct from the camera or processed as you prefer. If you wish to feature a particular individual or match I can supply a CD-ROM from which you can choose a picture to suit your purpose. If emailing then please use the subject line "Cricket Picture Request".  I receive requests from commercial organisations such as magazines and newspapers stating they cannot pay anything for the use of my pictures. I find this insinuation they are "worthless" somewhat irritating, especially when I know that the writer of the accompanying article will be paid for his/her trouble. If they are worthless then why ask for them? I expect a considerably lower fee than the picture libraries but I am not prepared to donate pictures to commercial organisations.

Non-Commercial Customers

When files are uploaded to the site they have been cropped from the original shot (i.e. a piece has been snipped from the middle of a larger picture). Depending on the degree of this process, it is possible to print good quality pictures at approx A4 size (297mm x 210mm inc the border to any picture - the picture area will be slightly smaller) - a common size sheet of paper in European countries - or A5 which is half this size. (The nearest equivalent in the USA to A4 is 'Letter'). But uploaded files are of greatly reduced resolution - please ask for the full resolution version if you wish to print!

Charitable Organisations, Cricket Clubs and/or Associations

I am happy to supply any registered charity, cricket club or cricket association with electronic files files free of charge if they are to be used in the promotion of women's cricket. It is a condition of this supply that copyright remains with me and they are not sold. Also that a copy of any printed matter which uses the picture is sent to me, or the URL of any web page is emailed to me.

To order any photographs from the DJM Images Picture Library please quote the Picture Number (see below), the size required and the number required.
All cheques should be made payable to Don Miles and posted to:
10 Rosewood Gardens, Clanfield, Waterlooville, Hampshire PO8 0LT
Prices (which include Postage and Packing where applicable) are as follows ...
Electronic File
 Approx A4 size
Gloss laminated** 
  5 (or by negotiation for books rather than periodicals)
Note: The above costs are for ink-jet prints from a high quality (6 colour) printer on glossy or matt paper. They do not confer any rights in the picture, copyright being retained by myself. They may not be reproduced in any form, scanned or stored in any medium including electronic. If you wish to use any pictures on this site for any such purpose, whether commercial or not, please get in touch, and see the notes above.  I will normally be happy to supply pictures FREE to non-commercial organisations promoting the sport of women's cricket, or for any charitable purpose. 
**Lamination : This is a process which heat welds a fine film to a paper surface. It extends only to the edge of the print. It should not be confused with encapsulation which many offices and copy shops wrongly refer to as lamination. Encapsulation places the paper in a pocket and seals it with the air extruded. The film is not always welded to the paper surface. With encapsulation the presence of the film is often very obvious. With lamination the paper simply has the appearance of a high gloss finish (or a matt finish in many cases - check the menu at the next restaurant you eat in - if it feels very smooth and does not finger mark it has been laminated!)


In some case I am able to supply CD-ROMs e.g. all the pictures in the library of a particular player, or perhaps all those from a match or series. There may be a restriction however on matches where one or more players are under 18 years of age, due to the ECB's Child Protection policies. Here the images of such players will be removed, unless you are a relative of that player, although they may have been shown, unnamed on this web site. If you would like such a CD, then please email me. The ECB's photographic policy is available on their web site.
If there is a picture you like here's how to check its description (picture number)...
  • right click your mouse on the picture. (Try it on the picture below).

  • select "properties" from the drop down menu (Explorer) or "View Image Info" in Firefox. If that choice does not appear to be available in Firefox try "Save image as". There is no need to save the image, just to read the filename it is suggesting.

  • look at the last section of the filename, that is the section after the last "/" character.

  • make a note of the complete filename from the "/" character e.g. the picture below would be 050821-0204-team-Eng.jpg. [As an aside the filename usually takes the form : date (in scientific notation yymmdd - surname - forename - team represented at the time or competition, in this case England.] The final part of the name may be truncated to comply with Internet conventions but the numeric part alone will identify the file uniquely. On newer files the forename may appear before the surname.

England celebrate a victory over Australia at Stratford-upon-Avon, 2005

The Why's and Wherefore's

To conserve the space allowed me on the  server, and to ensure fast downloading when you visit, photos on this site are all of low resolution (72dpi or 96dpi). This is adequate for screen representation but will reproduce very poorly, usually showing the pixel nature of the image, if you print them on your ink-jet or laser printer.
During the course of the 2002 season I upgraded my kit to a professional digital camera, allowing me to shoot many more pictures and to store them at a higher quality with a view to selling a few to magazines, newspapers etc.. Low resolution versions are uploaded here.  At the beginning of the 2003 season I also improved the quality of the pictures by adding an image stabilising lens to my armoury. Further kit improvements have been made more recently.
While I photograph principally for my own enjoyment I hope that those shown on this site and hopefully purchased by you, or freely given to you,  will give you memories of friends and family. ALL proceeds from the sale of these pictures goes back into supporting women's cricket.
I do, of course, have a multitude of pictures which I simply could not cram into a web site. Currently the archive exceeds 1Tb (2017). If you requires  a shot of a particular player, or a particular match, then please email me.

Did you see me at a match? Want a picture or pictures from that game ...  click here to get in touch.